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a lesbian reader: In case you missed it,


The big news of the last couple weeks is the Lambda Literary Foundation changed its guidelines for the Lambda Literary Awards.

This is a very big deal in the queer/LGB/T lit world. The Lambda Literary Awards are by far the biggest (and most mainstream) awards for queer lit, but their guidelines and judgments have been controversial. Recently (a couple years ago? I’m not sure), the rules were changed so that only LGBT authors could win an award, regardless of the content or quality of their books. This has been changed, but there are still two awards only for LGB authors, one for a “male-identified” author, and one for a “female-identified” author. (If you aren’t male- or female-identified, I guess you’re out of luck. How inclusive.) Commentary on this change can be found at AfterEllen, I’m Here. I’m Queer. What the Hell Do I Read?, and Autostraddle. It’s usually worth skimming through the comments for even more opinions.

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    - Courtney Gillette, “Should the Lambda Literary Awards be open to non-LGBT writers?”
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    I agree with the decision to let straight cisgender authors in, but… I definitely disagree with the male/female divide...
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    oh my fuck. this is not good.
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